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Our Objective

To support our communities by providing sound practical care and supervision to our clients, which result in returning focused well-adjusted citizens to their homes and communities. We are accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). In addition, we are licensed by the North Carolina Division of Health Services Regulation.
To facilitate a change in the social and economic decline of our communities by producing enthusiastic, well trained individuals who are equipped with the education, life skills and positive reinforcement needed to meet tomorrow's challenges. At DPCS we are strongly committed to promoting family first, and all efforts are designed to unite the family and encourage a strong family unit.
Seeds of Success are sown through healthy homes and healthy homes produce healthy communities. We provide a continuum of services that foster this effort through the collaborative work of family, community, and government. We impart to our clients the spirit of humanity and create opportunities for them to give back to the communities in which they are to serve.